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Dude why are some of my units just disappearing? My gold dragon just vanished out of nowhere

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How is it even possible to make a game like this lag consistently? Everything is done in discrete intervals. I can understand lag spikes when processing all the units, but why do effects like tax accountant or mermaid or whatever cause the game itself to lag?

Edit: I figured it out, it's the draw calls! The lag happens whenever the figures get multiple different symbols, like multiple plusses or shields etc

I found a cool interaction I think it was with Mimic and Vampire where the Vamp will Drain the mimic's Power but the Mimic will still do its damage since it copies the highest monster's power. I got like 5 or 6 vamps doing over 5k each plus the Thing that gives everything 2x damage but hurts you. Yeah very cool


Darrrr + rat king = infinite damage, apparently

Just beat it finally!


One Tap!

das crazy

I pulled a win with arak, some game devs, thief, and the monkey goo to spice it up. Good game

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Funny build. Archer does percentage based damage and always gets x49 from the two banners. So this will kill any boss no matter the HP (until you get ludicrously unlucky with archer spawn position).

Great  game. I bought it on steam yesterday. Is there going to be a build released on itch? I'd like to have a DRM-free copy I can play on my work computer without installing steam

Also managed to snag a win with game developers and a few cloning chambers that duplicated them several times over. Ironically my developers were dealing quite a lot of damage by themselves comparable to my water pieces (despite the latter all receiving an effective 4x damage multiplier due to being buffed by all 4 game devs at once) simply due to the absurd amount of assorted buffing items I had heaped onto them.

(Also Trevor was completely accidental and actually hurt the build by transforming water into whisky that didn't benefit from focus shrine; I simply didn't get the chance to remove him in the end)

Arack build is REALLY hard to get off the ground (I ended up using mayday on boss 1 just so he wouldn't kill me), but if you manage to get a few of them their exponential damage scaling means you can pretty much nuke bosses 6-12 instantly. 

This is good enough on its own, but really explodes if you can also throw a thief and game developer on top of this.

* Thief steals arack base damage and sets it to 0

* Game dev adds bonus damage to arack
* webs multiply bonus damage instead of the just the 1 base damage

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Good game! Here are my suggestions:

- Allow selling/remove units. It's frustrating when I can't remove unused units, and allowing selling units would make strategy more flexible.

- Allow buying units on the first turn instead of civilians.


holy cow.

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First - thank you for the steam key! Really enjoying this game! I have played three different runs so far and I've enjoyed each one, though I'm terriiiible at the game I can see the potential for me getting MUCH better and doing very well over time. I love the graphic style, the writing is very amusing, and I'm very into the troop dynamics. I feel like it's fairly easy to get into with some great potential for silly, goofy team synergy.

I think if I had any changes to the current build it would be the ability to further investigate a monster that is mentioned on the new troop selecting phase (i.e. if it mentions zombie, zombie would be text that links to it's normal popup. only one layer deep would be more than fine). While memorizing troops and what they do might be nice, I feel that would add a layer of accessibility. The ability to see my hearts when on the troop picking page would be great too, but that might not be necessary after investing a lot of time! I'm just forgetful! Also the ability to save in the middle of a run would be great, maybe you can and I just couldn't tell o_o

Thanks for playing, and for the suggestions!

anarchist should be immune to explosions.

Really fun game! Won with beasts the first time, but hacker+sheep+that demon that eats beasts is absolutely nuts. Had them do 10k damage in a turn, def will keep an eye out for the game!!

Rat king + paramedics combination is unbeatable!

With [8 Rat kings, 6 Paramedics and 4 Diversity Demons, 5 Rats + something random for the div. demons] it one-shots 70% of the bosses (this run is on pain diff.)

It was a fun run.

Had a fun run being incredibly picky about what I added. Used IAs to remove my starting civilians, got an apprentice thief and a leader flag. Ended up with two journeyman thieves and three leader flags, hardly anything else so the thieves always got the multipliers. Thieves won the game on their own, especially if the three multipliers landed on the same one.

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Love the game! It's super addictive. Any plans for a Mac OS version?

Hi, someone from the dejobaan team here. Thanks for saying so! No plans to support Mac OS as of yet, but we may be able to add it if there's enough support!

No worries. That's usually the story with Macs, haha.

Again, you guys got a great game here! Good luck with the project! 

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My best run so far. Archer + hypercharger is such a great combo, but so hard to set up!  Could have been even bigger if I positioned archer further.
Fun fact: This was my biggest damage ever then I remembered I didn't use mayday so I did. My computer actually crashed after it started showing end screen after clicking victory.
Fun fact 2: thanks to that crash, I was able to try it again and again. Unfortunately, this was actually the best run. Its all in arack positioning. I wish I knew where the game keeps its save files so I could share it with others.


anarchists are so bad but soooo fun.

I was happy and feeling a genius of myself bc I've done 6k of damage and completed the demo, then I see the people's builds in the comments.


haha! I made the game and I feel the same!

The game just stays black when I open it, any reasen why? Im playing on the web version.

Oh that's strange, what browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser?

That makes sense, my browsers pretty weird.

What browser is it?  If it's Brave w/ Shields Up & "Aggressively block fingerprinting", that will give the blank black game issue.  Changing that to either "Block fingerprinting" (not aggressively) or "Allow fingerprinting" works for me.


Its Vivalida. I switched to a diffrint browser and that worked


very fun game, loved how unique the different characters were, can tell a lot of effort went into this one. allows for some very deep strategical thinking!

Thanks for the feedback, even more coming in our Steam version on Thursday!


I was inspired by Mistercark's rat king run. Did not expect to break 1M damage, let alone 2M.  Darrrrr and rat king are a crazy combo. God I love how many viable builds there are in this game.

Hot damn, that's a combo!


So, I drafted a Rat King into my militia...

i do not have enough humans to sacrifice to the venus mantrap


Liked the game's mechanics and art style. I have played this game before but it's interesting how it became more balanced now and that you can create more synergies to progress more.  Enjoyed the game overall!  


The synergies in this newest version are amazing!

1. Game Developer adds its power to all pieces with 0 base power, then basically gains 1 power each turn. I had three to four of these.

2. Crimson Terror marks Beasts for destruction, absorbing their bonus power.

3. Sheep are Beasts that have 0 base power, but have a chance to multiply.

4. Darrrrrrr and Aegis protect Beasts.

I had a Crimson Terror with over 1,000 power. I one-shot Boss 12 with the Mayday.

I also had the Thief, which stole base power from my pieces and made them viable targets for the Game Developers.

Aegis + Secret Chest was also a very lucky combo, where the Aegis protected the chest multiple times in a row, allowing me to get several rares.

Note: If you have an Extra Life, do NOT take Recycler, or it WILL eat the Extra Life (which is an Item).

Loving the changes and new synergies, particularly the new monster content. Keep up the good work, folks!


Whales + Elemental Beasts are an obvious synergy.  But adding Game Developers + Journeyman Thieves to the build is a less obvious but very powerful synergy.  Thieves drain the Elemental Beasts down to 0 base damage; then Game Dev boosts their bonus damage & they can get huge damage.  That was a fun win.

I approve of this strat! 


Horny beast XD


Aren't we all!

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Several hundred million teenage dudes, one mentality



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Got unifier machine fairly early.   Rat king/lawyers/giant rats  and a ton of luck on the way was pretty fun


looks like a good run... we like to see it! wow that Rat King!

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Why is no one talking about the elemental beasts? These things are the dumbest things I seen if set up right.

They can casually one shot the final boss

And is able to do 30 million damage

We weren't sure whether Element Beast needed adjacency or not. How hard was it for you to setup all the fire? Did you use Chemical Drum?


Red Dragon, Chemical Drums, Aegis can create a lot of fire :)

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right, I was just wondering if it was difficult to setup. i.e. did you find it too easy? or did you feel like you worked for it? In general, we'd rather not nerf things outright that are fun, only if they break the fun.


A bit difficult, but not that bad


Explosives, constructs, and aegis can get pretty op! Especially with the 1 time 10x damage. 2 turn last boss.

yes we are seeing this as well.  Aegis has been tricky to balance with a destruction build. thanks for the feedback!


Hey sheep and game dev is a pretty broken combo given that it's made out of a self-replicating common and an uncommon. It was strong before the game dev buff, but now it's ridiculous.


Gamedev is REALLY strong now, blame @ichiro


I didn't think the dev would actually do it, but they updated and fixed a *ton* of problems, and updated a lot of content.

Some new balancing issues aside, it's a huge improvement!  Wishlisted.

Thanks Corona! Even more content to come for our EA launch!


Aegis + extra health (and capacitor) = I'm immortal now.  My berserkers & holy cow feel a little redundant.

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Aegis being protected now is really strong! but you might need it for the up coming Ascensions!

although all that health seems crazy pants...


This was supposed to be a sheep + Red Dragon build... until I found an ascetic. 

(Also props to the recruiter demon for spawning an extra life that got protected by my aegis 3 turns in a row. I didn't really need all that extra life, but who am I to complain?)

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