'Murica is Under Attack!

This time, 50 giant bosses have taken over 50 cities in the United States (including recently-annexed Montreal). It's your job to cross the country, gathering troops to free the terrified population.

Amass Your Militia

Gather civilians, soldiers, paladins, mutants, vampires, mecha, and nuclear bombs. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the important bit is the synergies:

Recruit the right combination of troops, and you'll probably kick giant boss butt.

Disorganized Amateurs!

Once on the battlefield, 25 of your troops will deploy randomly. You have no control over where they go, which means that it's the composition of your militia that's most important.

Recruit 150 Troops!

Civilians, soldiers, giant rats, horny beasts, aegises, sirens, nautiluses, whales, improvised explosives, Crimson Terrors, Aracks, stone golems, Varroa Destructors, weredragons, water, radioactive waste, tinkers, game developers, lawyers, priests, paladins, altars, mad scientists, nuclear bombs, medkits, strength serums, power-ups, wills o' the wisp, gold dragon eggs, gropers, gold, gold dragons, skeletons, scrap metal, robots, mecha, mutants, mutant fusion, mutant colonies, mutant juggernauts, zombies, fungal spores, giant funguses, ghosts, hell portals, hellhounds, doctors, anarchists, empty cannisters, alchemists, red dragons, sheep, heavy machine guns, slimes, dire wolves, archers, rat kings, death worms, monster hunters, cloning chambers, succubuses, vampires, writers, librarians, bookshelves, books, mimics, paramedics, chemical drums, barbarians, grenades, recyclers, EMPs, grey goo, focus shrines, phoenixes, hydras, fire, capacitors, box jellyfish, element beasts, cockatrice eggs, cockatrice chicks, cockatrices, bioweapons, oozes, greater oozes, mammoth oozes, unifier machines, captain flags, stasis rings, dog catchers, power pellets, roman candles, time bombs, graveyards, secret chests, claymores, monkey gods, Trevor, whiskey, seed pods, cycad sprouts, cycad tendrils, cycads, Venus flytraps, Venus mantraps, silver, randomizers, webbing, Great Equalizers, steam, djinni, deep ones, garbage collectors, towers of retribution, Internal Affairs Officers, cornucopias, tax accountants, hyperchargers, extra lives, extra health, reavers, ascetics, hustle goblins, berserkers, apprentice thieves, journeyman thieves, mirror demons, pacifists, golden goo, diversity demons, Idols of the Dead, Arks of the Covenant, laser frogs, engineers, sacrificial spam, holy cows, recruiters, Darrrrr(s), panthers, ferrets, giant birds, convention halls, androids, demonslayers, green hands, Terra Creepers, Ion Stalkers, aaaaaaaaand Replicating Spiders.

Did you read all that? Great!

Updated 13 days ago
Published 15 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorsDejobaan Games, Space Capsule Games
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Made withConstruct
TagsDeck Building, Difficult, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Tactical, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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there are secret units you can only get by chance with the mad scientist one starts with 50 damage and slowly gains more as it steals it

Found another bug. Aegis doesn't prevent the destruction of Ascetic for some reason.

just had this happen. can I mark for destruction another way or is that pop-up the only way? im using the internal affairs person.


After playing for a bit, I gorra say, cool prototype. Wish there was more control over what units you get though, it's really hard to create combos and such. Maybe you could add some sorta "unit catalogue" which lets you fave/ban certain units to more easily get the stuff you want. Maybe you could fave three units, making them twice as likely to appear(still taking ranking into account ofc) and also ban three units, making them not viable to be drawn.


Succubus + Convention Hall + Paladin = Win

That's an interesting one! Nice job

I love it!

Also, the giant funguses aren't getting their boost.

Why is the Groper monster rare? It only does 2 damage. Does it fuse with another piece?


You can get a consistent win with Arack as long as you get past the early game bosses with something else.

hell portal can single handedly win the  game


Excellent! Just won using a drunk paladin. Thanks to some lucky early picks my paladin was constantly buffing itself off the same ghost. Then whale and Trevor worked together to cover the field in whisky, thus creating a very chaotic multiplier on the paladin resulting in thousands of damage per turn. I love how nonsensical these strategies must sound out of context.

Bug Report:

The ooze family creates more powerful oozes when they are destroyed. However trying to destroy them when they are under the protection of paramedics crashes the game.

Most damage ever so far


And next boss is even better. Gotta love spiders.


cycad tendril does not seem to be working


After 20 turns it turns into Cycad, the cycad says “after 20 turns turn into cycad”, but it does what the tendril says it does. Their just accidentally swapped

ahh I see, ty for clarifying.

Also, the game kinda just booted me out after Thing X, is that the final boss and did I just skip through the end credits by accident?

yeah its the final boss and if you spam any button you will skip the end credits that come after it

was hoping for fifty levels 

(2 edits) (+1)

24582 damage with 6 Aracks, android and recycler. I just one shot three final bosses! This game is awesome. Took me six hours of playtime for the cards to fall right, though. Please don't nerf them!

The second best turn was 2000+ with  full board of hellhounds and over 5000 with hellhounds and box jellyfish.\\\

Edit: Got golden goo run finally. Got over 4K damage with claymore mine, with each golden goo doing 80 damage. In the end they were doing 111 damage each. How to replicate (hah!): Self replicating spider, grey goo, mystery box and hope you are lucky and get gold goo.

are cycad tendrils supposed to stack more and more base damage? 

It has the text accidently swapped with the cycad, the tendrils turn into cycad after 25 deployments

Yes! We will fix that. I want to say that it's intentional, but that would be a lie.

(5 edits) (+2)

Great game, highly addictive! Would recommend.

Bugs I found:

Paladin doesn't kill vampires. And neither does priest. He doesn't count them as undead either.

When you use "half health next boss" item, it disables the box jellyfish passive and it doesn't count it as damage done to the boss. It doesn't count anything after as damage done to the boss.

Doctor doesn't do the "less than 3 health, medikit returns all health" thing that it should.
If you have a monkey or engineer, then you can't continue after saving.  Edit: You can continue after saving, but you mustn't save on the first turn when the boss shows up. So, save only after the first turn. It does autodeploy  but doesn't let you attack. It happens even if you don't have monkey or engineer.
Ideas for the improvement:
Arc of the covenant shouldn't destroy priests and paladins and change them to ghosts.

Succubus is too steep, should be if you have more than 6 health, not 4.

There should be more ways to remove things from militia.

I'd wish that you get a freebie choice, rare and two uncommons after killing every boss. I know it is set up that you get your choice after boss attacks.

I wish that dire wolves and death worm have global reach.


I don't think the giant fungus adjacency bonus is working

congrats on the fun game

little bit of a bug report, my mouse is broken and sometimes it insta double clicks, so i discovered you can grab an unit twice if you click real fast lol

Yay, I managed a win not based on the hellhounds! Got mechas and green hands with some help of extra life. Think I'm done now though.


I think giant fungus doesn't work properly. It doesn't increase it's damage when almost entirely surrounded by other giant funguses and it generated a spore that turn.

I noticed that too yeah.

Does the game ends at Thing X? beacuse I just beated It and the game got back to the menu


Its the last boss, don’t press anything when you beat him because there is a message after you beat him, and if you press buttons it might skip it

yeee.... acidently had pressed thinking would just send me back to the map screen... gonna need to beat the game again, wish me luck with spiders

Small thing I just found, if you have a paladin and a ghost on the board, the paladin will absorb the base damage from the ghost, but the ghost will still be alive and do the damage, basically making infinite base damage for the paladin. I love this game so much lol.

(2 edits)

I broke the Cycad Tendril, I think the game designer stops its growth. If I understand it right it should be at 12 power because it has been deployed 12 times but it's stuck at 1 attack.

(1 edit)

The descriptions for cycad tendril and cycad are exchanged. Cycad tendril is supposed to say "transforms into Cycad after 25 deployments", and Cycad is supposed to increase damage based on number of deployments


I just won with 2 Darrrrrs and a total animal build.  It helped a great deal to have a Giant Bird (X2 to Darrrrr's damage) and Holy Cow (last turn X3 made insane damage).  As well, Darrrrr really needs to be surrounded entirely by beasts.  When that happens you can get ~1300 damage per Darrrrr. 

I won using monk build, spider build, whiskey (darr and librarian) build

(1 edit)

What is Monk build?  In your darr+librarian build, did the librarian actually add value?

I just beat it with Darrrrr build, but I got rid of everything else to maximize beast multipliers.  I also ended up with 2 Darrrrrs and 2 Flags, lol.

monk is using the monk, which does insane damage if there are lots of empty tiles, if u can manage the empty tiles, then slowly increase it using enginneer or internal affairs etc, and not make it one hit bosses

I got to the 1800 boss i forgot his name by pure hellhounds


burney sanders killed me with his firey fists of rage.... i never even got to see the biden blast....


I would love it if there where more bosses. I want to see the limits of some builds


gg bois!!!!!!!!!!!! i finally beat it!!!

Congratz! What build did you use?

got hellhound really early lol


Excellent game, I'm looking forward to more updates.

I've managed a successful win twice so far (in v 0.5) - my first win was super lucky.  I got an early hell portal / hell hound / demon slayer combo; also managed to use Internal Affairs & a Trash Collector to clean up the other stuff in that run - that build Just Works (tm) - if you can get lucky enough to get it.

My second win was super save-scummy.  Got a Paramedic, then a Siren, then got a Mad Scientist & save-scummed the Mad Scientist deployments until I got 2nd Paramedic & a Tax Accountant (also a couple Thieves & others, but the Tax Accountant is what actually matters); then I save-scummed every deployment to make sure the Tax Accountant stayed in range of the Paramedics so it didn't destroy itself, just kept ramping everything up.  I did mess up towards the end & lost the Tax Accountant, but I had enough damage that I was able to finish the win (w/ a few more save-scums to make Pacifist trigger blocking damage).

Anyone have any other successful winning builds?  I also had a good grey goo + gold goo run, but I didn't get it going early enough, so I died on the 2nd to last boss.

Hell Portal is way OP compared to everything else.... should maybe have a 10% chance to self-destruct (like water)?  Just had another easy win w/ early Hell Portal (and Tax Accountant helped a bit, but he didn't last long before getting eaten by a mutant).


feels like luck be a landlord but weird


This game is cool, I love a good auto-battler, but as this stands currently there is too large a pool of choices (I love the amount, don't get me wrong) and not enough means to build synergies due to a lack of choices between rounds combined with the variety. As is, you have to be pretty lucky to even beat level 7-8 I think. The scaling on bosses punishes the randomness a little bit too hard presently. I love the idea and the scale of what is being done here, but I think that we just don't have quite enough of a meta-progression system or whatever else in place to make it feel like you truly have control over your own run.

Deleted 8 days ago

As stands, the game also weirdly incentivizes eeking out as many turns as possible against bosses to see as many rolls as possible to build your synergy, unless you're just winning and even that can be a little bit iffy with a bit of bad RNG. Been playing for multiple hours at this point and have not done any save scumming or anything like that, and have yet to beat I believe level 12.


Feel like there should be some kind of reward when you beat a boss, like an uncommon or rare unit or something


got a monkey god and got x0 like 5 times in a row, i only had five life's left when this streak of bad luck happened




Sucubus + Mimic is completly broken. The sucubus create vampires, and vampires drain the dmg of close pieces, mimic duplicate the dmg of the vampires, that result in adding permanently the highest dmg to all vampires close to mimic. I finished the game in 20-30 rounds xD

Game doesn't launch here.

great game, i think it is a little too luck based though. 9/10, my arrack web combo 2-shot the final boss XD

i keep dieng to the fat demon really fun game though. i have noticed that the duplicating spiders get out of control fast

They are so good id doesn't really matter unless you have another ongoing build (they also destroy themselves pretty fast it's so satisfying)


game dev + sheep = yes

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