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I think I have finally gotten the most difficult build, and the final build that can possibly beat the game: Vampire + Paladin.

The only other maybe-possible buildsI can think of is Rat-King + Rats + Darrr/Paramedics

Builds I think are impossible include:

Gold Dragon + Alchemist (the GD increases damage too slowly)

Phoenix + Hydra (probably not because the phoenix and hydra wouldn't be next to each other often enough to consistently increase hydra's damage)

Mechanical spiders seems impossible to get even close to the 40 damage/square you need to beat the final boss.  Cockatrice eggs also seems to increase damage too slowly.

Other builds I've already beaten the game with include:

Hell Hounds


Tinkerer + Soldiers (Mecha)

Darrr + Beasts (esp. Ferret) + Diversity Demon

Grey Goo + Gold Goo

Tax Accountant + 3x Paramedics + something above

Any I've missed?


> Ascetic

I appreciate this one as a full build. :) We're making some tweaks on the Steam demo to make it powerful but not ridiculous. I kinda don't like just nerfing things, though. It should explode into a million tiny bones or something.


I lost at Burny's Unleashed Dog. It seems impossible to get any further unless you have amazing RNG. 

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With so many, and perhaps even many more units to come.  Have you thought about making each run have limited classes?  IE. one run could only spawn.  Undead, demon, items, beasts.   Or some such # of them?  This could cut down on the vast randomness currently involved in the game and let there be more focus on intergroup combos? Could also allow for secondary keywords like water/fire/etc

That seems like a very sound approach and is how Hearthstone Battleground manages to have a large roster of units, but the player is still able to find synergies 

You could also consider this as an unlock feature after beating so many levels.  That way you unlock more ways to play as you play the game, increasing replayability.  

You might also be able to unlock a slightly different starting militia, for example.  Imagine starting with 5 rats rather than 5 citizens.  Or 5 skeletons.  Or 5 laser frogs.

Yes! Different starting groups has been talked about and we are looking into that!

We are also doing more broad synergies to allow you to get out of tough spots when you need to...and also just to help keep the game exciting.

We are doing NextFest on Steam on the 19th of this month, that version will have more experimental updates, so be sure to check it out! 

Looking forward to that.  Will they be doing one of those developer plays videos along with your NextFest entry?

we haven't set the schedule yet for that week, but we hope to do a few streams like that.

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Looks like the Aegis piece doesn't prevent Ghosts from destroying themselves; not sure if this is intended behavior or not.

Also, congrats on the Steam listing! Already wishlisted. :-)


yes Ghost description will be updated.  Ghosts are unique in that they cannot be destroyed or protected, they decided themselves when they will leave!
Thanks for playing!


Dog catcher has to be the most hilarious unit in the game! 😂

we love the Dog Catcher, we want it to do more!


Is it intended that 3 Apprentice Thieves = no choices at all?

Makes sense to me: each Apprentice Thief removes one option from the draft list. Maybe if you had a Cornucopia... :-)

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yes, this was by design if you picked 3 thieves.  of course I said to Ichiro: "who would ever do that?" 


Mister Cark would do that. He did that! That's awesome.


Paladin and Vampire: a winning team.

they aren't supposed to be friends, but I supposed even Lex Luther needed Superman...


It's very hard to keep an ascetic for the length of the game, and ramp it appropriately.  I got lucky and pulled an IA 5 turns before this, and used her to drop nearly all the soldiers I had built up to nerf the ascetic.  

The Ascetic is a challenging piece to balance but I feel like you handled this well!


Fun new (to me) build: Aegis + Green Hands + Archer + Machine Gun.  Also Barbarians, but meh.

Darr and/or Hypercharger would have also been awesome in this build, but I never got them.  I did get a Tax Accountant, but it was too late to really help, and I had to let it go poof so I could hope for medkits at the end (got a capacitor instead).


255 on an archer?  I'd love to know how you got that high. 

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The Green Hands (w/ Aegis to keep it around) - Archer's bonus from being further back becomes additional base damage.  Same for Machine Gun.

this is great!


Holy Cow x4!

Holy Cow does some real work.  It's a real game changer in multiples.


A fully-evolved Cycad's description appears to list it correctly as a plant, but the game seems to treat it like a monster; that is, a Monster Hunter can gain base damage from a Cycad and mark it for destruction, yet it can be saved from destruction by a Paramedic.

I've noticed the Venus Mantrap is shown as a Monster, and wondered why it's not a plant anymore.


The Cloning Chamber description says "Adds an exact duplicate ..." which I would interpret as the new unit having the same stats as the cloned unit - e.g. if it clones a Priest / Paladin / Death Worm / Monster Hunter that has already boosted attack, the clone should start out w/ the same boosted attack.  Currently it doesn't - the new, cloned unit starts out w/ the normal starting stats of the unit type.  If the current behavior is intended I would suggest removing the word "exact" from the description to be more clear.

ah interesting idea though!


Two Aegis shields ftw.  Between juggling a 1up and Medikit for most of the game, this group was the most underpowered winners I've ever had.

Just to add, two Aegis shields are nearly broken.  They have near-complete board coverage if they are in adjacent opposite corners in the mid-ranks, and they can save anything from destruction, regardless of type.  They're more powerful than the Paramedic for sustaining long-term effects, and if you have things like stasis or medikits they can allow you to maintain an near infinite loop to destroy bigger bosses with inferior units.

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Just had an odd moment where a Mad Scientist turned one of my Civilians into a Tax Accountant who marked himself for destruction on the next deployment.

A Tax Accountant drafted normally later that same wave made it through his usual 5 deployments before exploding into a cloud of W-2s.


I've seen this too.  A Tax Accountant drafted normally starts w/ "Uses: 5", which counts down to 0 before it starts trying to self-destruct; while one created by a Mad Scientist starts w/ "Uses: -" and immediately tries to self-destruct.

thank you for this find! 


Rat King seems bugged. It only multiplies damage by x0 when there are no adjacent pieces not no adjacent rats. unless that was a weird interaction because he got base damage added from tax accountant. 

yes this is a bug. thank you!


Just found that, despite Darrrrr's description stating that he saves beasts from destruction, an Improvised Explosive takes them out just fine.

yup that's a bug! I found it... thank you!


Not as broken imba as Paladin, but Mimic + Succubus & Vampires scales really well too.


Darr + beasts + Vampires do NOT scale like I was hoping... not that Vampires need any more boosts anyway....


Ah, gotta loved stacked multipliers: two active Diversity Demons, and a Power Pellet to boot.

very nice!


I can't help it: I absolutely adore the Hustle Goblin. I imagine him working out between battles with a mantra in mind. "When the team does better, I do better; when I do better, the team does better!"

Such a plucky little dude, I'll take him any time he's offered.

YES! love it!


Slight bug on Phoenix: description says "Picks a ... piece with at least 1 base damage" but it can pick a piece w/ 0 base (and bonus) damage; I've seen it pick both items w/ 0 base damage normally (Cockatrice Egg), and units that normally do have a base damage, but have had all their base damage drained by Journeyman Thief.

Cockatrices are also slightly  buggy: say "Multiplies each adjacent human's damage by 0x" but they don't (adjacent humans do normal 1x damage).

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Another bug: if a Secret Chest is deployed on a winning (Victory) round, the boost to Add Militia is lost - the first Add Militia piece choice screen in the next fight does NOT only have rare or very rare.

yes this is a known issue, and it may happen with some other pieces that are being reset in between bosses. Working on it!

Rat King also doesn't get 0x damage when it should.

Thanks, Beolach! I'm pinging Jon about these.

Yes you are right! We need to look at Rats I think and tweak them anyhow.


I see both issues! thanks for letting me know!


New personal best w/ my favorite synergy (Succubus + Convention Hall + Paladins): 947376 total damage.  So close to 7 digits....

oh my goodness!


TYPO: Empty Canister is spelled “Cannister” in-game. 

4 of my books were adjacent, and when they destroyed themselves no bookshelves were made :(


a couple of people said they have issues with books, I need to look into further. thanks!

Happened to me too. 

It appears to happen anytime 2 or more adjacent books are each next to 2 books themselves, as they all destroy each other before one can transform.

A couple possible configurations where this can happen (B = book, X = Not a book):

| X | B | X |

| X | B | B |


| B | B | B | 

| X | X | B | 


| B | B | X | 

| B | B | X |

Etc etc

yes, I think what is happening is something else is marking the book for destruction.  Books will only merge with other books that are not marked for destruction.  This will be fixed. thanks!

No problem. :)

Nuclear Bomb seems to be buggy - says it should be "adding all their base damages to its bonus damage", but it has 0 bonus damage. :-(


You are totally right! I'm looking at the code and its not doing it at all.  We've changed this piece a couple times and somehow this latest change wasn't done.

I'm not sure how everyone but you missed this!!  thank you!


Tax accountant, paramedic,  lawyer and doctor walk into a bar. Followed by two hustle goblins. A paladin, an engineer, a ferret and a bunch of soldiers and barbarians are already there. Thanks to cornucopia.

Would have been a victory but no medkit or tower of retribution in sight...

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With the help of 15 minutes of save scumming... The medkit finally shows up. Thank you very much for fixing the medkit and doctor proximity bug.

A quick heal and...

 the fight was finally won! Awesome game. I feel like I am possessed when playing it. So many cool combos... I actually tried to get early succubus with great equalizer and paladin, but no dice.

the little doctor comes through!  impressive comp - not an easy way to win!

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Save scumming for the win (got saved 8 times by peace protesters and capacitor): Humans can be powerful when you get two Great Equalizers and Three deep ones.

(1 edit)

Awesome! I wonder if we could retain the fun of save scumming without forcing folks to actually save scum somehow. New mechanics time!

(1 edit) (+1)

Just add redeploy button. So, after deploy phase you can have two buttons, redeploy and attack. Also, reroll during choice. Just 3 rerolls after every turn would have saved me a lot of save scumming :)


My suggestion to reduce the need for save scumming: have the Victory button lead to a better rewards screen giving more control over building synergy, before moving to the next boss.  Some options:

Let the player choose a category & then show the 3+skip (4 w/ cornucopia) Add Militia w/ options only from that category

Show a wider selection of Add Militia - say 9 options (3x3 grid) + skip, w/ the middle column showing the icons + description as the normal Add Militia screen, but the two outer columns only showing the icons (mostly just to make it fit on the screen, but also to encourage learning the icons)

An option to remove members from the militia - maybe including duplicates (e.g. sheep or replicating spiders that end up being dissynergistic)

Or maybe just the normal Add Militia screen, but w/ better odds of the rarer levels


Another possible way to reduce the need for save scumming w/ a post-Victory screen: repeat the normal Add Militia 3 choice screen, once for each remaining health - so if a fight goes down to the very last health left, the player will have gotten 8 choices during the fight, and 1 after the victory (assuming normal health); while if the player has a nice build that wins on the first shot (maybe an Ascetic goes poof), they won't get any choices during the fight (same as now), but they do still get 9 choices from having 9 health left.

Sometimes it hurts badly to win a fight too fast.

thanks for these! yes we are currently working with these very issues, we've taken a lot of similar feedback and are hoping to implement something that works better!

Unless I'm misunderstanding something the "will o' the wisps" don't seem to be be working.  I have three waters and they still only do one damage...


right now the WilloWisp does 1.25x damage for every Water, but its rounded down, so you need at least 4 Water to give you 2X. Though it goes up exponentially from there.  We probably need to tweak Water a bit since its really hard to maintain a lot of water without it going away...that is on our balance to-do list!

Okay... I assumed it was calculated like "damage" + 1.25 x "num. of waters" so with three it would do 4 damage.
I'm not sure how it goes up exponentially.  With 8 waters it would do 3x damage, 12 water it would do 4x?  What exactly is the formula to calculate its damage?

(1 edit)

if you take the Wisp's base damage of 1 and multiplied by (1.25^4) the 4 is the number of waters. 
meaning: 1.25x1.25x1.25x1.25  ends up being  (2.44 but we round down to 2) 2X damage.

8 water would be 5X
12 waters would be 14X
18 waters would be 55X
24 waters would be 211X !! (but obviously its really hard to get 24 waters!)

I'll echo some praise and frustration I see around here.  Super addictive game, I keep coming back to it, love the aesthetic, I've tried so many times and had some good combos, which felt great, but I think you just don't get enough choices / chances to allow for the massive number of strategies and unrelated synergies to all feel okay.  Reroll like luck be a landlord, more synergies like you say, and others will make this game a much more pleasant experience


almost had a darr run, took a cockatrice egg like "oh thats probably a beast", but wrong, its a monster and i reproduces like rabbits.  would be great to see cockatrice facts in the egg window to know what ur getting into


On combos, I'm thinking one or more of these:

- Reroll, as you say.

- What if you could see ahead 3 piece picks == planning.

- 6 choices per pick would allow players more chances to get a militia that synergized.

- Something about more monkeys.

More to come; thank you!


I like these thoughts! 6 choices per pick might end up feeling overwhelming for new users, since the pieces are pretty complicated

Seeing ahead, interesting idea- so you'd be able to see twelve total options at once.  Could be cool! And could have pieces modify that ability, and let you see more, or less for some other benefit.  Has a similar issue danger of overwhelming but i like it

I like investment strategies in autobattlers where you have gold or can invest in upgrading the "shop" which modifies rarities or changes the pool of picks in some way.  Like in auto-chess games you'd get a higher chance for high rarity cards, and in luck be a landlord there are certain pieces that make rare things more or less likely.  (some gem and cats i think)  The one off choices you have here just feel like insta picks and unrelated to strategy, where as in luck be a landlord you might not want to get more rare pieces cause you are trying to find a certain common piece.

Fun stuff to think about :)

Makes sense, thank you! We have a spec for Steam Early Access which I'll have to figure out how to post—but I now realize that I left out purchasing as a concept.


Could also modify per type rarities like "no more humans in the pool ever"


It's about darn time xD
I thought the robots and the spiders would interfer with each other but thankfully I managed my first win.



I think Arack's + Webbing might be a little too strong?

I love that combo!


I really like this game, but it's so frustrating not been able to make a working strategy, i've promised myself to stop playing and came back like 4 times, I've done easily over 50 tries... I will come back late... i gues...

I'd like to hear more about this frustration! Maybe the good piece combos just aren't coming? What would make your strategy workable?

I feel like a have to go into the meta or a really espesific strat to beat the game, I really really like it, but im not able to make "combos" with the unit the game gives me. It feel likes most units dont match. I have experience with "luck be a landlord" and i had no problem making combos or strats in that game. 

I would like to feel that the combos are obvious noticable. Past run on this games doesnt seem to make it easier for me to beat the game. I dont feel like making combos is on me, its more like theres just a few good combos.


Yeah, I'm finding the same thing. We're thinking of a few solutions: adding more synergies for each piece; allowing you to look ahead to plan; offering more pieces per choice. Thanks!

(2 edits)

Tax accountant and time bomb have weird interaction. Tax accountant rises everything, time bomb nullifies damage of all. Time bomb does one damage, tax accountant dies immediately. Time bomb explodes normally some turns after but is the only one doing 1 damage for those turns before explosion.

the Time Bomb is a strange piece.  Originally designed as an early game piece that you would probably not pick late game... BUT then players started using it to stall killing the boss on purpose to get max choices, which we found to be interesting! It also originally did 0 damage, but then we changed it to 1 so that even though it's the only thing doing damage, it could be buffed by a supporting piece like the Monkey God or Power-Up, it also pairs well with Dog Catcher! We don't know what place it will finally come to rest in the full version but know it can be a useful piece!


Feeding the death worm...

Holy cow. :)

A Holy Cow would go nice with this...


Finally, after much scummy saving, I managed to get the djinni.. and I can see it being quite good with a whole bunch of steam around, but man was it difficult to get lol

We have some plans!

The docter effing lied. I was at two health and that did NOT heal me to full.

that was horrible.

(1 edit)

It lies but not completely.  He is not global like he says he is. The medkit has to be near him.  I tested it last game, save scummed until medkit shows up near the doctor. I did have 1hp, though. Also, that didn't save the run.


currently its only doing it if medkit is adjacent which is wrong. The update this week will fix this!  I couldn't say anything before because of doctor-medkit confidentiality.

do you plan to release a windows version? ive hadma great time playing this game ^_^

Heck yeah!

awesome!! i'd love to have this on my laptop 

Let me see if Jon can put together a .zip.


Diversity Demon X3 either does not work or I am misunderstanding it. Had all nine types in deployment and never got a X3.

I'm on it! Letting Jon know that it may be busted.


I am sorry. It probably is working I just completely forgot about plant types. I did not see one that whole game and normally dont use them.

yes I just added to the description that you have to have all 10 types.  (update will go live this week)

its on the list... ty!


It worked for me but it wasn't worth it in the end. You need undead and plant type for it to work. And maybe Item too, I am not certain. I am sure I had literally all the types, including structure and terrain and it worked.


Had an extremely fast run stacking Aracks + Webs. Took me 5 minutes. Gonna explore other combos now

I'm curious if you've found any other good combos since then.


Man, one hilariously overpowered combo is the hell portal with a tax accountant, since the Hell Portal summons Hell Hounds, which do more damage the more are around. I got it like, first stage so I could abuse this early on, and the tax accountant only increases their damage even more, so badabingbaddaboom, an entire grid of hellhounds can shred a bos

Hi, do you have an email address i can reach you on?

Oh boy. I'm sorry that I didn't see this. You bet: Knock on the door and ask for Gerald. Go downstairs and ask again for Gerald. Talk to the cat. Then turn right.

thanks, i have sent you an email

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